About us

VEGA Valjevo is a wholesale drugstore that imports, procures, stores, sells and distributes medicines, medical devices, dietary products, cosmetics and general use products, with a tradition of operating in the Serbian market for over 30 years.

VEGA's sales range includes about 10.000 items, pharmaceutical and other products, stored on 6.500 m2 of space, a modern Distribution center in Valjevo, which meets the strictest requirements defined by Good Distribution Practice Guidelines (GDP). Thanks to the developed distribution network, which consists of over 90 delivery vehicles, the products are delivered daily in more than 3.900 facilities, primarily private and public pharmacies, health centers, hospitals, clinics and clinical centers in the country.

VEGA business system also includes a chain of pharmacies, Vegafarma Pharmacy Health Institution, with 60 pharmacy branches. Vegafarma efficiently implements the services of Pharmaceutical Health Care to its patients, dispensing prescription drugs of the Republic Health Insurance Fund and commercial sales of pharmaceutical products from its range to end users.

Our business system employs about 500 profesionals who are continuously working on creating and improving a modern organization in order to provide all services needed by both patients and health professionals. We responsibly use all modern technological work processes with the desire to be available throughout Serbia and provide the necessary medicine to the end user of our services, the patient.

The main goal of the company is the efficient distribution of products from the wholesale range, in accordance with customer requirements, as well as a continuous process of improving service quality with the desire to create strong partnerships, with special emphasis on logistics processes, technologies, solutions and employees. operation.

The Quality Policy, Environmental protection, Safety and Health at work is based on implemented business principles, harmonized with the current guidelines of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, legally prescribed obligations and special requirements of our business partners.

VEGA is a long-standing, unbreakable link between the manufacturer and the end user.