Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

The policy of quality, environmental protection and health and safety at work in „Vega“ ltd is based on established work rules in accordance with:
requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards, statutory obligations and special requirements of our business partners.

We achieve the adopted Integrated Management System Policy by achieving the following goals:

  • constantly raising the level of customer satisfaction of our products and services (following their requests, expanding the range of products and services, ensuring a satisfactory and repeatable level of quality);
  • establishment of professional relationswith suppliers, sub-suppliers and all interested parties;
  • constant identification of potential hazards and aspects of the environment, inorder to minimize risks to the safety and health of employees and harmful effects on the environment;
  • we achieve professional and motivated personnel through: professional selection, continuous education, efficient organization, encouraged inventiveness, constant development of teamwork, mutual trust and respect;
  • constant growth and development of the company while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the activity.
  • commitment to respecting the human rights of employees, suppliers, customers and all participants in the business process as a basic part of our business.
  • improvement of anti-corruption policy in business

Achieving the goals defined by the Policy is a constant task of all company employees.

Therefore, the management of „Vega“ ltd constantly review the Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy as well as all elements of the management system and adapt them to market conditions and company goals.